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“The Business They Call Show”, by Michelle Grigeri-Brown, ATOMIC RANCH (Mid -Century Marvels Magazine), on the cover of Winter 2010

“The exterior was repainted from its Band-Aid pink with brown trim to a gray green with graphite trim and a red door. We hired color consultant Cass Morris who picked the exterior and kitchen colors. We could not have done it alone, and she nailed it. The graphite was her call and we love it.” … “Marmoleum for the kitchen floor wasn’t in the budget. Morris suggested paint-grade plywood, which was filled, sanded, given a base color then sprinkled with garage epoxy paint chips and sealed with polyurethane.” Benjamin Moore paint colors. Exterior: Camouflage, Graphite, Sharkskin, Heritage Red. Interior: Super White, Graphite, Tropical Orange, In the Midnight Hour.

“Midcentury Modern with a View” by Tracy Taylor, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE 5/24/09

Blame it on Pixar. That’s where Malewicz caught the mid-century modern bug while working on the studio’s 2004 movie “The Incredibles”. The film was steeped in a 1950’s aesthetic, all low-slung ranch houses and subliminal resonances of Eichler’s sleek architectural designs. The remodel was done in 3 stages: kitchen, livingroom furniture by an HGTV team, and exterior color change along with new landscaping. “East bay color consultant Cass Morris opted to replace the home’s dingy exterior hue with a smart olive green, a classic period color, according to Morris.”

“Hue Knew? Shades for Small Spaces” by Ahn Minh-Le, Home and Garden “Ask the Experts”, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, 2/15/09

For those who think small spaces and interesting colors don’t go together, read on. Four experts on the topic reveal their favorite paint picks,..One thing they agree on: base your selection on how you want to feel when you step into a room. For example, a dark hue can lend warmth to a dwelling, and a subdued shade can offer serenity…Cass Morris operates an eponymous color and design consulting firm in the East Bay. She says, “Color is so important in an environment and can add dimenion to any room, even a small one. The general opinion is that darker colors will shrink a small room. In fact the colors can make the space feel so inviting and such a pleasant place to be in that it doesn’t feel at all smaller. Benjamin Moores 996 Ashen Tan gives a soothing warmth and sublte liveliness to a smaller space. It is a light taupe with warm gray to beige undertones. It’s a great background for many accent colors.”

“Stroke of Brilliance” by Candace Murphy, Inside Out Home and Garden, OAKLAND TRIBUNE, 2/10/07

It’s hard to get excited about house paint. It’s not sexy or fun…but in the Bay Area exterior home color is enjoying a whole new trend. When it comes to color, local color designers are…bringing sexy back. Cass Morris, an El Cerrito-based color expert with more than 20 years of consulting work on her resume, advises home owners to drive around their neighborhood looking at other houses. “Pick a color that complements, not clashes or duplicates, neighboring homes. And remember any color will look different when it’s as big as a house!,” says Morris. Trends in house colors tend to be regional. “The color schemes I put together in Fairfield for a home on several acres will definitely reflect the California landscape more than an urban condo in San Francisco. Colors for an Arts and Crafts bungalow in Rockridge will relate more to its own garden and landscaping,” says Morris… And what will the neighbors think? “Someone asked me, ‘WHY can’t I paint my house purple?’, says Morris. She replied, ‘You can, but gray it down a keep your neighbors happy.’ ”

“Predicting this Year’s Black” by Jan Dalton, SAN FRANCISCO PERSPECTIVES, 2005.