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San Leandro Church

I worked with the renovation committee of this Methodist church to do a total interior makeover of the sanctuary. The goal was to make it a warmer, more intimate, inviting and contemporary space. We removed the brick facade to show off their wonderful handmade cross and took away the old speaker fabric which really brightened the room. The pink marble altar was replaced by travertine, and new carpet and new wood paneling were installed. The paint color scheme is light and fresh. A major change was replacing the old pews with modern comfortable chairs; this made the space much more flexible for various ceremonies. The final touch was the addition of 15' long wall hangings in the front and along the sides of the room.

Berkeley church

I worked with the committee as a color and design consultant. The exterior of this church on University Avenue got a new sign, lighting, trellis, wheelchair ramp, railing as well as new color. The changes on the interior included new paint colors, Brazilian green slate in the entry and bathrooms, new carpet, tile and lighting. Everything was ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant. Paul Ladner was the architect.