What Our Clients Say About Us

“I have been referring Cass to my clients for color consulting for 12 years.  I have been continually impressed by her ability to suggest colors that complement the architecture and my clients’ personal preferences, no matter the style of the project.  Working with Cass takes the stress out of this part of the design process because she comes up with such pleasing color palettes and clients save money by avoiding paying for too many samples.  I highly recommend her!”

Kathy Rogers, principal architect at Sogno Design Group

“Cass has an eye that sees instinctually which tones and colors complement each other.  I have strong opinions about colors and experience in decorating my own houses, but Cass speeded up the process by tenfold.  She takes the “chore” out of the decorating description – advising when you need it, taking over when you’re not sure, offering diplomatic solutions to touchy color challenges.  She steered me away from some less appropriate choices with clear and reasoned explanations.  I’m grateful to have been spared seeing my mistakes up on the walls!”

Claire P. And Giles G.

“Thanks to Cass we have added wonderful colors to our home and a new dimension to our lives.  We went from clueless to getting the concept of color and spatial flow within a couple of hours. Our painter is finished now and we absolutely love all the colors.  I have to say we could not have done this without her help.

Susan N.

“Cass Morris has worked on several of my houses.  She is a delight to work with – smart, fast, and has an excellent sense of color.  She makes very good recommendations that bring the spaces to life.  I enjoy working with her and recommend her highly.”

Alexandra Sheets Saikley, Architect

“We are so glad we found Cass; we REALLY needed her help.  We were totally overwhelmed by the renovation and could not agree on what to do.  We had swatches of color painted all over the inside AND the outside of our house, not to mention a garage full of samples.  She managed to bring us together in agreement on paint colors, cabinets, counters, floor and tile.  We were impressed by her expertise and definitely recommend her to take the stress out of too many choices and decisions.”

Chris H.

“We have a house of contemporary design and it has always been painted entirely white.  Cass encouraged us to take the risk of experimenting with color, but with her help there was no risk!  Our home is so much warmer, interesting and relaxing and all of our visitors inevitably compliment our color scheme.”

Stan & Judi T.

“Cass is a great pleasure to work with.  She is a fun creative person who takes the time to build a relationship with her clients by listening to them and working with them to find the colors they really want.  We have done several projects with her in different homes and hope to do many more. “

Kim M. And Gary S.