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Sometimes you want a “spa feel”, a sanctuary where you can get away and relax.

Whites, gray-greens, pale blue. Sometimes you want drama and surprise in a small “powder room”. Dark purples, Burgundy, navy blue, deep orange.

Or sometimes just fun in a kids’ bath. Lime green, turquoise, bright yellow.

The paint color choice depends on what else is in the room, as well as the feel you want.

There are countless available variables in color, size and texture for the bathrooms in just the tile selection for floors and shower walls.

Marble, quartz, quartzite, porcelain…hexagon, herringbone, penny rounds…huge or tiny…matte or shiny. Are the cabinets wood or painted? What style? What about the fixtures and lighting?  If just considering all the choices gives you a headache, give us a call and we can help you pull it all together.