"We had hired two other professional color consultants who gave us some basic ideas, but Cass took a different approoach. She was able to use colors to accentuate architectural highlights we didn't even know we had. We feel that her work improved the value of the home well beyond just a paint job."


"We have a house of contemporary design and it has always been painted entirely white. Cass encouraged us to take the risk of experimenting with color, but with her help there was no risk! We were impressed with her familiarity with the full range of color and her ability to suggest the best color for each situation, according to the qualities of light and shadow, carpeting, furniture, art work and the use of each room. She juxtaposed colors one to another in an easy flow from peach to greens to tan to yellows, and a fabulous buff to sienna colorwash in the kitchen. Our home is so much warmer, interesting and relaxing and all of our visitors inevitably compliment our color scheme."

  "The challenge was to use color to delineate different areas in our open-construction space. When everything was painted all white, the areas blended together, as the living and dining and kitchen areas are all one room. Now the space seems much bigger: the sitting area is intimate and warm in red; the dining area dramatic and elegant in a blue that picks up the tones in the water outside; the kitchen is bright and cheerful in yellow. Cass did a wonderful job working with me to define the concept. I was new to colorful rooms. I love it and highly recommend it."
"Cass has an eye that sees instinctually which tones and colors compliment each other. We picked stunning, bold colors for my 4,300 square foot house that is stuccoed Mediterranean on the outside and WOW in the inside. I have strong opinions about colors and experience in decorating my own houses, but Cass speeded up the process by tenfold. She takes the "chore" out of the decorating description - advising where you need it, taking over when you're not sure, offering diplomatic solutions to touchy color challenges. She steered me away from some less appropriate choices with clear and reasoned explanations. I'm grateful to have been spared seeing my mistakes up on the walls!"

"Painting my home in Berkeley 12 years ago was my introduction to using color. I knew I wanted to get rid of the tedious monotony of off-white, but didn't know the first thing about how to do it. Cass and I walked from room to room and talked about what colors and shades of colors might work in each room, and her vision and confidence was inspiring. The transformation was amazing! When I moved to Seattle, I hired Cass to consult on a totally new color scheme for my Queen Anne-style home, which had just been painted "landlord beige". This time I knew I wanted a dining room the color of a merlot, and we started from there. The stone fireplace that I liked in the livingroom was enhanced by a rich olive green, and the huge black marble fireplace in the study that I didn't like was blended into the background of a burgundy "chestnut" wall color.We merged rust and brick, used a deep mustard in the kitchen, softened to bedrooms in blues and gray-greens. It's unbelievable what a difference color will make in your house- it transforms your environment into your own personal atmosphere - a pleasure to come home."

"We live in a wonderful Craftsman-style home built in 1910 in Rockridge: it has much of the original wood and hand-crafted cabinets. Cass helped us pick colors that complimented the wood tones with a soft green in the living room, a light buttery yellow in the dining room, and worked with us to find the perfect red for the study. She is a fun,creative person who takes the time to build a relationship with clients by listening to them and working with them to find the colors they really want. "
"We just hired color consultant Cass Morris a second time because we have so much enjoyed the results for the main floor of our home. It was all white when we bought it and Cass designed a wonderful, rich color scheme to go with our Brazilian cherry floors, carpets and dark furniture. We get compliments everytime we have company! Now that we've remodelled the upstairs, we called her back, and so we have a whole new range of lighter ,softer colors for that floor. We plan to call her again when we do the exterior and when we remodel the kitchen and baths."

"We painted the interior of our house ourselves, but hired Cass to color consult. We had some colors we liked but they didn't seem to go together and we didn't know where to put them. In a couple of hours with her we chose a unique and harmonious group of colors that really personalized our home. She also had great advice on furniture placement, and helped us choose from our fabric, carpet,and tile samples. She's very easy to work with and we enjoyed the process very much."

– Sam and Melissa R.

"Thanks to Cass we have added wonderful colors to our home and a new dimension to our lives. We went from clueless to getting the concept of color and spatial flow within a few hours. Our painter is finished now and we absolutely love all the colors, including the bathroom counters and painting the dark walnut bannister white - a dramatic change and fresh look.I have to say we could not have done this without her help. Color and color harmonies are her specialty."


"We are so glad to have found Cass; we REALLY needed her help. We were totally overwhelmed and could not agree on what to do. We had swatches of color painted all over the inside AND the outside of our house. Not to mention a garage full of sample quarts of paint and piles of fabric, tiles, countertop samples. During the consultation, Cass showed us which colors went well together and which didn't. She managed to bring our family together in agreement on color choices by tweaking some slightly and adding some new colors we hadn't considered. We were impressed by her expertise and highly recommend her. She's really good!"

– Chris H.

"Cass is a great pleasure to work with! We have done several projects with her, including painting one home we sold, choosing colors for the exterior, and now selecting paints and finishes for our basic older ranch style home in north Berkeley. Because I love Indian cooking, Cass supported my decision to paint our kitchen in turmeric and cayenne pepper colors 20 years ago and I still love this color scheme! Recently she helped select 3 shades of green for our living room and a butter/orange/cream for the front hall. She also created a multi-color rag finish for our dining room walls, which picked up the colors in a rug we had added. The process of choosing colors is actually fun - she asks lots of questions, then subtly guides us into making "our" choices. The results have been a wonderful palette that reflects our interests and feels really good. Cass is efficient and sticks to her schedule and budget- marks of a real professional. We would be happy to give a personal recommendation to anyone who wants one, and look forward to many more projects with Cass."

– Kim M. and Gary S.


"Cass Morris has worked on the interiors of two of my houses. She is a delight to work with - she is smart, fast, and has an excellent sense of color. She made some very good recommendations on color that really brought the spaces to life. I enjoyed working with Cass and recommend her highly."

– Alexandria Sheets Saikley, architect
San Francisco Bay Area
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